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        1. 產品詳情
          • 產品名稱:DataViewer Pro 處理軟件

          • 產品型號:DataViewer Pro 處理軟件
          • 產品廠商:
          • 產品價格:0
          • 折扣價格:0
          • 產品文檔:
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          DataViewer Pro 處理軟件。 C.A 8332以及C.A 8334分析儀是可設置的產品,可以搭配多樣附件使用。
          DataViewer Pro 處理軟件。
          C.A 8332以及C.A 8334分析儀是可設置的產品,可以搭配多樣附件使用。

          Completely configure instrument and download previously recorded data
           Display real-time values being measured, waveforms (Qualistar)
          and R(t) and/or R(U) (C.A 6549) curves
           Quantitatively analyze measurements automatically
           Generate standard reports or create new models
           Analyze with complete report as per the EN 50160 standard (Qualistar)
           Parameter selection display
          Dataviewer is compatible with the following Chauvin Arnoux instruments:
          C.A 8332 and C.A 8334 Qualistar Analyzers; C.A 6543, C.A 6547
          and C.A 6549 Megohmmeters - and more to come.
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