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        1. 產品詳情
          • 產品名稱:FLUKE TS44系列電話測試系統

          • 產品型號:FLUKE TS44
          • 產品廠商:FLUKE
          • 產品價格:0
          • 折扣價格:0
          • 產品文檔:
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          福祿克FLUKE TS44系列電話測試系統? DataSafe operation with superior high impedance monitor ? Advanced testing functions for low/high voltage and low (mA) current.
          福祿克FLUKE TS44系列電話測試系統
          Product Overview:

          Our flagship TS40-Series Test Sets combine rugged DropSafe™, DataSafe™, waterproof durability with powerful testing capabilities.  

          Built for the demanding professional, the TS40-Series Test Sets combine an ergonomic waterproof design, DropSafe durability and a standard 3-year warranty for unmatched reliability. The TS40-Series Test Sets offer speakerphone capability for true hands-free conversations, a rugged ergonomically designed waterproof case that exceeds American Military Specification MIL-STD-810E and are DropSafe tested to 20 feet onto concrete. Designed with superior high-impedance monitor to protect data lines, the TS40-Series offers the best DataSafe protection in its class. Advanced testing functions for low/high voltage and low (mA) current detection are displayed in easy-to-read LEDs. Always-on Monitor Mode simplifies operation and speeds testing; just clip on to the pair and it is monitoring.

            Product Features  
          44801-001 TS44 With Angled Piercing pin Clips Discontinued replaced with TS44 Deluxe
          44801-004 TS44 with 346A Plug (central Office) Discontinued replaced with TS44 Deluxe
          44801-009 TS44 With Angled Bed-of-Nails Clips Discontinued replaced with TS44 Deluxe

          福祿克FLUKE TS44系列電話測試系統

          - DataSafe™ Operation with Superior High Impedance Monitor
          - Advanced Testing Functions for Low/High Voltage and Low (mA) Current
          - Always-on Monitor Mode
          - Ergonomic DropSafe™ Case
          - High Fidelity, 2-Way Speakerphone for True Hands-Free Conversations.
          - TS®44 includes Data Lockout, Lockout Override and DSL/POTS
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